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Etymology -The name is a combination of Mammillaria and Neolloydia which are similar.
It should be no surprise that the single species in Mammilloydia had long been included in Mammillaria. After all, the factor separating it is primarily, if not soley, the characteristics of the seeds. Mammilloydia seeds feature a smooth surface with no perisperm. The stems are globose with tubercles, white spines, and bristles in the axils. Areoles are dimorphic and tubercles have no groove - traits typical of Mammillaria. Also similar, the flowers are funnel-shaped, cream-colored with a dark pink or brownish mid-stripe. Flowers come from second-year growth axils and later give rise to berry-like red-pink fruits.

Mammilloydia is primarily a Chihuahuan species from North-Central Mexico and it is popular among collectors. It is prized for its tidy appearance and of course the ability to easily collect all (1) species within the genus!

Mammilloydia candida

Common Name(s): Snowball Cactus, Snowball Pincushion Cactus
Synonym(s): Mammillaria candida, Chilita candida, Mammillaria estanzuelensis, Chilita estanzuelensis, Neomammillaria ortizrubiana, Mammillaria ortizrubiana, Mammilloydia ortizrubiana
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Subfamily: Cactoideae
Tribe: Cacteae
Distribution: Mexico (North America)
Habit: Globose
Flower: Pink, WhiteEncounterability: Common Worldwide
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Mammilloydia candida
M. candida
Picture taken at: CSSA Show at Huntington Library and Gardens, San Marino, CA

Photographer: Daiv Freeman
Mammilloydia candida
M. candida
Picture taken at: 2005 Intercity Show, Los Angeles Arboretum

Photographer: Daiv Freeman
Mammilloydia candida
M. candida
Picture taken at: Private Collection

Photographer: Richard
Mammilloydia candida
M. candida
Picture taken at: Bev and Kermit Bender's greenhouse, Escanaba MI

Photographer: Kermit Bender

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