Selenicereus spinulosus

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Selenicereus spinulosus

Post by leland »

My first flower from a plant grown from a cutting a friend gave me a couple years ago. So far this plant has a very pleasant pendant growth. I have added several wall pots about 6 feet up on a rock wall to creat a mass planting effect.
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Re: Selenicereus spinulosus

Post by Janaina »

Lindo demais!!!
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Re: Selenicereus spinulosus

Post by Licespray »

Wonderful flower!
Ferocactus best cactus :mrgreen:
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Re: Selenicereus spinulosus

Post by DaveW »

I have one I got as Selenicereus grandiforus that I later identified from Britton & Rose's key as S. spinulosus. Bit of a misnomer since it does not have long spines but just short bristly ones rough to the touch if you run your fingers over the areoles. At the time mine was about 14ft long as it went up the greenhouse end into the roof.

For instance the link below gives the spines as:-

"spines 6-8, 1 mm long, acicular, white or yellowish, later blackish, radial spines 5-6 central spines 1-2, basally 0,25 mm in Ø above the swollen bases, apically attenuate-conical, circular in cross section, the bulbous bases 0,5 mm in Ø"

Hardly something you would think as spiny from the name spinulosus.

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There has been a lot of lumping into S. grandiflorus of other previous species, but even before that many Selenicereus species used to get wrongly tagged as S. grandifloras. I understand S. grandiflorus is no longer the largest flowered species, but was of course when it was named.

"Grandiflorus (Lat.) = large flowered. When Carl von Linné described this cacti in 1753 it was the largest flowered species of cacti known. Paradoxically, they are moderate in size compared with several other Selenicereus species."
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Re: Selenicereus spinulosus

Post by One Windowsill »

The Latin word spinula means a small thorn, it is a diminutive of spina. So spinulosus would mean "full of small thorns".
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Re: Selenicereus spinulosus

Post by greenknight »

Yes - from iNaturalist: "Its specific name, spinulosus, means "with small spines" in Latin."
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