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This is an alphabetical listing of all Latin (Scientific) Names for Cacti and related synonyms that are listed on

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Lasiocereus fulvus
Lasiocereus rupicola
Lemaireocereus aragonii
Lemaireocereus beneckei
Lemaireocereus cartwrightianus
Lemaireocereus chende
Lemaireocereus chichipe
Lemaireocereus deficiens
Lemaireocereus dumortieri
Lemaireocereus eichlamii
Lemaireocereus eruca
Lemaireocereus euphorbioides
Lemaireocereus godingianus
Lemaireocereus griseus
Lemaireocereus gummosus
Lemaireocereus hollianus
Lemaireocereus humilis
Lemaireocereus hystrix
Lemaireocereus laetus
Lemaireocereus laevigatus
Lemaireocereus lepidanthus
Lemaireocereus longispinus
Lemaireocereus marginatus
Lemaireocereus martinezii
Lemaireocereus mixtecensis
Lemaireocereus montanus
Lemaireocereus pruinosus
Lemaireocereus queretaroensis
Lemaireocereus quevedonis
Lemaireocereus standleyi
Lemaireocereus stellatus
Lemaireocereus thurberi
Lemaireocereus treleasei
Lemaireocereus weberi
Leocereus bahiensis
Leocereus estevesii
Leocereus glaziovii
Leocereus melanurus
Leocereus paulensis
Leocereus squamosus
Leocereus urandianus
Lepidocoryphantha macromeris
Lepidocoryphantha runyonii
Lepismium aculeatum
Lepismium anceps
Lepismium asuntapatensis
Lepismium bolivianum
Lepismium brevispinum
Lepismium cavernosum
Lepismium cereoides
Lepismium chrysanthum
Lepismium chrysocarpum
Lepismium commune
Lepismium crenatum
Lepismium cruciforme
Lepismium dissimile
Lepismium epiphyllanthoides
Lepismium erectum
Lepismium floccosum
Lepismium fluminense
Lepismium gibberulum
Lepismium grandiflorum
Lepismium houlletianum
Lepismium ianthothele
Lepismium incachacanum
Lepismium knightii
Lepismium lineare
Lepismium lorentzianum
Lepismium lumbricoides
Lepismium marnieranum
Lepismium mataralense
Lepismium megalanthum
Lepismium micranthum
Lepismium miyagawae
Lepismium monacanthum
Lepismium myosurus
Lepismium neves-armondii
Lepismium pacheco-leonis
Lepismium paradoxum
Lepismium paranganiense
Lepismium pittieri
Lepismium pulvinigerum
Lepismium puniceodiscum
Lepismium ramosissimum
Lepismium rigidum
Lepismium saxatile
Lepismium tenue
Lepismium trigonum
Lepismium tucamanense
Lepismium vollii
Lepismium warmingianum
Leptocereus arboreus
Leptocereus assurgens
Leptocereus carinatus
Leptocereus ekmanii
Leptocereus grantianus
Leptocereus leonii
Leptocereus maxonii
Leptocereus paniculatus
Leptocereus prostratus
Leptocereus quadricostatus
Leptocereus santamarinae
Leptocereus scopulophilus
Leptocereus sylvestris
Leptocereus weingartianus
Leptocereus wrightii
Leptocladodia elongata
Leptocladodia microhelia
Leptocladodia microheliopsis
Leptocladodia sphacelata
Leptocladodia viperina
Leuchtenbergia principis
Leuchtenbergia principis monstrose
Leuchtenbergia principis trachythele
Leucostele rivierei
Lobeira macdougallii
Lobivia acanthoplegma
Lobivia aculeata
Lobivia adpressispina
Lobivia aguilarii
Lobivia akersii
Lobivia albipectinata
Lobivia allegraiana
Lobivia amblayensis
Lobivia andalgalensis
Lobivia arachnacantha
Lobivia argentea
Lobivia atrovirens
Lobivia aurantiaca
Lobivia aurantida
Lobivia aurea
Lobivia aurea dobeana
Lobivia aureolilacina
Lobivia aureosenilis
Lobivia backebergiana
Lobivia backebergii
Lobivia binghamiana
Lobivia bodekeriana
Lobivia boliviensis
Lobivia breviflora
Lobivia bruchii
Lobivia brunneo-rosea
Lobivia buiningiana
Lobivia cachensis
Lobivia caespitosa
Lobivia caineana
Lobivia calorubra
Lobivia camataquiensis
Lobivia cardenasiana
Lobivia cariquinensis
Lobivia carminantha
Lobivia charazanensis
Lobivia charcasina
Lobivia chionantha
Lobivia chlorogona
Lobivia chorillosensis
Lobivia chrysantha
Lobivia chrysantha jajoiana
Lobivia chrysochete
Lobivia cinnabarina
Lobivia cintiensis
Lobivia claeysiana
Lobivia compicola
Lobivia conoidea
Lobivia corbula
Lobivia cornuta
Lobivia crassicaulis
Lobivia cruciaureispina
Lobivia culpinensis
Lobivia cylindracea
Lobivia cylindrica
Lobivia densispina
Lobivia dobeana
Lobivia draxleriana
Lobivia drijveriana
Lobivia duursmaiana
Lobivia echinata
Lobivia einsteinii
Lobivia elongata
Lobivia emmae
Lobivia euanthema
Lobivia eucaliptana
Lobivia fallax
Lobivia famatimensis
Lobivia ferox
Lobivia formosa
Lobivia fricii
Lobivia glauca
Lobivia glaucescens
Lobivia grandiflora
Lobivia grandis
Lobivia haageana
Lobivia haagei
Lobivia haematantha
Lobivia hardeniana
Lobivia hastifera
Lobivia hermanniana
Lobivia hertrichiana
Lobivia higginsiana
Lobivia hoffmanniana
Lobivia horrida
Lobivia hualfinensis
Lobivia huascha
Lobivia huilcanota
Lobivia hylacantha
Lobivia hystrix
Lobivia incaica
Lobivia incuiensis
Lobivia intermedia
Lobivia iridescens
Lobivia jajoiana
Lobivia johnsoniana
Lobivia kieslingii
Lobivia klimpeliana
Lobivia kuehnrichii
Lobivia kupperiana
Lobivia larae
Lobivia lateritia
Lobivia laui
Lobivia lauramarca
Lobivia leptacantha
Lobivia leucomalla
Lobivia leucorhodon
Lobivia leucoviolacea
Lobivia longispina
Lobivia markusii
Lobivia marsoneri
Lobivia maximiliana
Lobivia miniainigra
Lobivia miniatiflora
Lobivia minuta
Lobivia mirabunda
Lobivia mistiensis
Lobivia mizquensis
Lobivia muhriae
Lobivia multicostata
Lobivia napina
Lobivia nealeana
Lobivia neocinnabarina
Lobivia neohaageana
Lobivia nigricans
Lobivia nigrostoma
Lobivia oligotricha
Lobivia omasuyana
Lobivia oreopepon
Lobivia orurensis
Lobivia oxyalabastra
Lobivia pachyacantha
Lobivia pampana
Lobivia peclardiana
Lobivia pectinata
Lobivia pectinifera
Lobivia pentlandii
Lobivia pictiflora
Lobivia planiceps
Lobivia pojoensis
Lobivia pojoensis grandiflora
Lobivia polaskiana
Lobivia polycephala
Lobivia prestoana
Lobivia pseudocachensis
Lobivia pseudocariquinensis
Lobivia pseudocinnabarina
Lobivia pugionacantha
Lobivia purpureominiata
Lobivia pusilla
Lobivia pygmaea
Lobivia quiabayensis
Lobivia raphidacantha
Lobivia rauschii
Lobivia rebutioides
Lobivia ritteri
Lobivia rosarioana
Lobivia rossii
Lobivia rubescens
Lobivia salitrensis
Lobivia saltensis
Lobivia sanguiniflora
Lobivia scheeri
Lobivia schieliana
Lobivia schmiedcheniana
Lobivia schneideriana
Lobivia schreiteri
Lobivia scoparia
Lobivia scopulina
Lobivia shaferi
Lobivia sicuaniensis
Lobivia silvestrii
Lobivia simplex
Lobivia steinmannii
Lobivia stilowiana
Lobivia taratensis
Lobivia tegeleriana
Lobivia thionantha
Lobivia tiegeliana
Lobivia titicacensis
Lobivia tuberculosa
Lobivia uitewaaleana
Lobivia varians
Lobivia varispina
Lobivia versicolor
Lobivia vilcabambae
Lobivia walteri
Lobivia walterspielii
Lobivia wegheiana
Lobivia westii
Lobivia wilkeae
Lobivia winterana
Lobivia wrightiana
Lobivia zecheri
Lobivia zudanensis
Lophocereus gatesii
Lophocereus schottii
Lophophora diffusa
Lophophora diffusa koehresii
Lophophora echinata
Lophophora fricii
Lophophora jourdaniana
Lophophora koehresii
Lophophora lewinii
Lophophora lutea
Lophophora williamsii
Lophophora williamsii caespitosa
Lophophora williamsii cristata
Lophophora williamsii fricii
Lophophora williamsii jourdaniana
Lophophora williamsii variegata
Lovivia colorubra
Loxanthocereus acanthurus
Loxanthocereus aticensis
Loxanthocereus aureispinus
Loxanthocereus bicolor
Loxanthocereus brevispinus
Loxanthocereus camanaensis
Loxanthocereus canetensis
Loxanthocereus cantaensis
Loxanthocereus clavispinus
Loxanthocereus convergens
Loxanthocereus crassiserpens
Loxanthocereus cullimannianus
Loxanthocereus deserticola
Loxanthocereus eremiticus
Loxanthocereus erigens
Loxanthocereus eriotrichus
Loxanthocereus eulalianus
Loxanthocereus faustianus
Loxanthocereus ferrugineus
Loxanthocereus formosus
Loxanthocereus gracilis
Loxanthocereus gracilispinus
Loxanthocereus granditessellatus
Loxanthocereus hoffmannii
Loxanthocereus hystrix
Loxanthocereus jajoianus
Loxanthocereus keller-badensis
Loxanthocereus madisoniorum
Loxanthocereus montanus
Loxanthocereus multifloccosus
Loxanthocereus nanus
Loxanthocereus neglectus
Loxanthocereus otuscensis
Loxanthocereus pacaranensis
Loxanthocereus pachycladus
Loxanthocereus parvitesselatus
Loxanthocereus peculiaris
Loxanthocereus piscoensis
Loxanthocereus pullatus
Loxanthocereus puquiensis
Loxanthocereus riomajensis
Loxanthocereus sextonianus
Loxanthocereus splendens
Loxanthocereus sulcifer
Loxanthocereus trujilloensis
Loxanthocereus variabilis
Loxanthocereus yauyosensis
Lymanbensonia brevispina
Lymanbensonia crenata
Lymanbensonia incachacana
Lymanbensonia micrantha
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