A note to new members: Make sure that you're posting in the right forum!

If you have a cactus plant and need help identifying it, this is the place to post it.
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A note to new members: Make sure that you're posting in the right forum!

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Here at CactiGuide, some forums apply to both cacti and succulents, while others are specific to either one or the other. Not the worst thing in the world if you post in the wrong forum, but if you're new to CactiGuide, you'll get the most out of your experience when you make sure that you're posting in the right one:
  • Sick Cacti - Pests, Diseases, etc. -- specific to troubleshooting pest and disease problems with cacti, not succulents. If you're having those problems with your succulents, post your questions in...
  • Cultivation -- discuss repotting, soil, lighting, fertilizing, watering, etc. in this category. While it does apply to cacti and succulents, most of the activity on the Cultivation forum is cactus-related.
  • General -- specific to cacti, anything that doesn't apply to cultivation or pest and disease problems should be posted here.
  • General-Succulents -- specific to succulents, anything that doesn't apply to cultivation or requests for growing help should be posted here.
  • Cacti Identification and Succulent Identification -- a "one size fits all" approach for growing cacti and succulents doesn't work well, and that's why the proper IDs on your plants are important when you may need advice with species you're trying to grow for the first time. Before you ask for identification at these forums, please be sure to read this first.
A hint for new members who are also new to the hobby: All cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti! If you're not sure about whether your plants are cacti or succulents, this will point you in the right direction. Once you know the basic types of plants you have, you'll be able to post in the right forum(s).

One final note: It's pretty much impossible to diagnose problems without digital photos. If you're having trouble with any of your cacti and/or succulents, you can include photos as file attachments whenever you post requests for advice. High-resolution photos need to be sized down for the forum, so if you're not sure about how to do it, this will help:

http://www.cactiguide.com/forum/viewtop ... =3&t=40232

Happy growing!
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