Cacti Dying

Trouble shoot problems you are having with your cactus.
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Cacti Dying

Post by celador »

I'm renting an apartment that came with 6 different cactus.

While most of them are healthy, two are having issues.

This one started having a scaly white skin falling of during the winter. I thought it was due to too most exposure to cold as it sits near the corner. But now its getting all shriveled and black. I don't know if I'm underwatering as the apartment is too hot, or if its sunburn (it sits on the sun most of the afternoon and evening) or if the frosbitten part is dying and rotting. Roots and everything else seems fine, as their other pot brothers.

The other one is an african milk tree that has lost most of its leaves. How can I tell if i'm over or underwatering? or is it normal for it to loose all of its leaves during a long Chicago winter?

Please help :(
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Re: Cacti Dying

Post by anttisepp »

Cut the dead tisue till healthy green one. Give more water.
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