Geologist cacti growers

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Geologist cacti growers

Post by nes »

Just finished my last final exam for my B.S.
This summer I go to field camp then I will finally be out in the workforce. I want to work in either environmental consulting or water resources.

Out of curiosity, are there any Geologists active on this forum? If so, what industry/ field of Geology are you in?
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Re: Geologist cacti growers

Post by jerrytheplater »

Not a Geologist, but have a strong interest, especially in the local fluorescent minerals in Franklin/Ogdensburg NJ. I love looking at

Have you found a job yet?
Jerry Smith
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Re: Geologist cacti growers

Post by gemhunter178 »

Not a geologist, but have been in the rocks and mineral collecting bunch for over a decade now, been part of a few clubs, and have picked up a lot of information along the way, so an amateur mineralogist.
I have a more varied collection but that formation in Franklin, NJ is quite an odd one, lots of rare species though I'm more into things with crystal faces (though you can find some nice franklinite octahedrons there)
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C And D
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Re: Geologist cacti growers

Post by C And D »

I'm a biologist by degree
But love geology and mineralogy
and rock collecting
and rock and mountain climbing

Check out the Rock Collector thread

Craig and Denise Fry
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