Shriveled Pereskiopsis

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Shriveled Pereskiopsis

Post by Neiluj »

Hey folks,

I've been grafting for about a year and a half now, and I'm noticing that some of my Pereskiopsis grafts aren't looking so hot.
I've attached some pictures to show you what I mean, but essentially the root stock on some of the grafts is starting to shrivel up. I know Pere is not a permanent graft, but should this also be because of a lack of water? I just find it odd as some of these grafts are over a year old and are doing fine whereas some of the shriveled ones are less than a year old.

So the question is should I start degrafting the scion on these? Or is this just an aesthetic thing? (They've been like that for a few months now.)
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Re: Shriveled Pereskiopsis

Post by MrXeric »

Those look dead to me and I would regraft or root the scions. Since my plants have never shriveled like that, maybe the vascular bundles are still alive and are just barely keeping the scions from shrinking too (or better said, the scions are keeping the bundles alive :wink: )? Maybe someone else has seen this before.
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