Could he survive? Astophytum asteria rot

Trouble shoot problems you are having with your cactus.
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Could he survive? Astophytum asteria rot

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Because of roots rot, I have to cut him and remove the infected part.
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Re: Could he survive? Astophytum asteria rot

Post by greenknight »

Not looking good for him, I'm afraid.

You need to slice it off above the rot - scooping out the center won't work. All the discolored part must be removed. If the piece that's left is too small it is unlikely to root. Better chance of saving him by grafting onto another cactus, this video shows how you can graft just a small piece:

You might even be able to make several grafts from what you have there, the graft just needs to have at least one areole. If you want, you can degraft and root them after they've grown big enough.
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