If you have a succulent plant and need help identifying it, this is the place to post it.
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Hi everybody.

Long story short, I am new to succulents and made the mistake of buying some arrangements through a fundraiser at my kid's school.

I've had these for several months and now and it's time to do some re-potting. I'm having a very hard with IDing these plants. I bought an app that was highly recommended but the examples they display are not "exactly" the same.

In the first example, the app says this is a Jade Plant by my leaves have a point at the tips vs the rounded edges shown in thier examples.
20220327_102252.jpg (115.75 KiB) Viewed 508 times
20220327_102337.jpg (116.31 KiB) Viewed 508 times
The Second example I have is that this app is identifying two very different looking plants as the same. "Mother of Thousands, Widow's thrill"
I have several that are small with rounded leaves as well as one that is 2ft tall and has pointed leaves.
PhotoPictureResizer_20220327_103250.jpg (85.84 KiB) Viewed 508 times
PhotoPictureResizer_20220327_103438.jpg (101.92 KiB) Viewed 508 times
Please excuse the poor condition of the taller plant. I just got this new light that allowed me to remove the arrangement from its previous home that didn't have the height required.

So, are these identications correct?
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Re: Overwhelmed!

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I see a lot Kalanchoe. I do not see any crassula. They do look rather etiolated/light starved.
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Re: Overwhelmed!

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Hello and welcome to the forum,
As Aeonium2003 mentioned your plants are etiolated that’s why app had hard time to id them.
The reason for etiolation was more likely combination of nice watering and low lighting.

First pick: Plant on the right is Kalanchoe, on the middle and left could be Anacampseros rufenscens
Second pic: could be Anacampseros rufenscens
Third pic: Kalanchoe
Forth pic: tall plant- Kalanchoe daigremontiana aka mother of thousands and small crassula ovata.

All plants need to be potted in a well drained mix and given lots of light.
Introduce to the sunlight slowly to avoid sunburn.
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Re: Overwhelmed!

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The name "mother of thousands" should give you a clue as to why you have a lot of small ones of the same plant that look quite different. Don't let them overhang any other pots or you will have many more.
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