WTB Selaginella species

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WTB Selaginella species

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I am looking for Spikemoss plants in the genus Selaginella. I am especially looking for S. sellowii which grows in S. America.

But, S. bigelovii from the Western US and S. densa look very much like S. sellowii and if any of you are hikers and see some in an area where you can take samples, I'd be glad to pay for it.

I want to grow it along with some Frailea parviflora in a planter. You can see S. sellowii in Marlon Machado's article on Frailea from Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil published in Cactus World https://www.frailea.com/Articles/CactusWorld25_1.htm and part 2: https://www.frailea.com/Articles/CactusWorld25_2.htm
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