Opuntia dripping wax like substance?

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Opuntia dripping wax like substance?

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Forewarning: this isn't my cactus.

I just found this over on REddit, have never heard of such a thing, and a google search got me a single hit of something similar with no explanation.

https://www.reddit.com/r/cactus/comment ... _like_wax/

So, wax-like substance coming out of the cactus. Doesn't look like a normal insect that produces protect wax (i.e. mealies). I am stumped.
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Re: Opuntia dripping wax like substance?

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I've seen it before. It happens when you cut off a pad, or injure the plant. If you overwater the plant, or if the rain gets it, the plant drips a lot of sap. The sap hardens and becomes that stuff.
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Re: Opuntia dripping wax like substance?

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Interesting :) This answers what the strange thing one of my Opuntias is. I bought an Opuntia rufida a while ago and some time after I got it home I noticed a couple of strange light yellow ‘blobs’ on one pad. At first glance I suspected a pest of some sort but it’s not. It’s hard and not expanding. I would guess that’s a reaction to a small wound then, not unlikely from transportation.
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