Aloe ID confusion

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Aloe ID confusion

Post by gdlwyverex »

I have these all over the garden. Some are labeled A. hariana, others A. bakeri and still other A. bugensfortensis.
The photos that I see for these names dont truly fit my plants.
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Aloe1.jpg (88.73 KiB) Viewed 532 times
The leaves on mine seem MUCH longer and snakelike than those of the photos that I have seen on the Net.
Any ideas as to their ID??


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Re: Aloe ID confusion

Post by greenknight »

Hybrids, perhaps?

I don't think A. hariana is even a valid name. A.bakeri is small and not very striking - though it is a parent of many of the best hybrids. A. burgersfortensis (the correct spelling) looks possible.
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