EU/UK Plant and Seed restrictions.

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EU/UK Plant and Seed restrictions.

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Many in the EU and UK will now be aware unless people protest to their MP's and MEP's it will be difficult or too expensive due to bureaucratic expensive paperwork to import small parcels of plants and seeds.

The Guardian Newspaper was telling their readers years ago to:-

“Lobby your MEPs: write to your MEPs and ask them to support a rethink on the proposal.”

Here is the original article, which though an old one warned of the coming situation if we did not protest:- ... ants-seeds

Brits should be lobbying their MP's now we are out of the EU, since the EU rules should no longer apply to us, and those in the EU should do the same with their MEP's or we will never be able to obtain material of new species, something which will tend to kill off our hobby in Europe at least.
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