Huernia sp. H. penzigii???

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Huernia sp. H. penzigii???

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I have a plant that I've tentatively identified as Huernia pensigii. I'm not too confident as I believe that species has stems that eventually hand down. this one clearly remains fairly erect. Confirmation of its Id would be appreciated. Flowers appear only at the very base of the stems, are about the size of a dime (diameter) (say 1.5 cm) and are very dark brick red. (Not flowering now. Often has flowers).

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Re: Huernia sp. H. penzigii???

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I would have to see the flowers to venture an opinion. Kew Gardens and Albers & Meve regard Huernia penzigii as just a type of Huernia macrocarpa. You might find more pictures of macrocarpa to compare. The body certainly looks right.

Does it usually get light from the side or above?
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