Need help with cacti ID

If you have a succulent plant and need help identifying it, this is the place to post it.
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Need help with cacti ID

Post by Mrs.cactus »


I need help with cacti identification. I bought them in various places, some in nurseries, some in stores. None of them had a name!

Is there anyone who can tell the proper names of these plants?

I also bought a cactus that was sold under a name 'burbank's spineless' but it clearly is not the one. It blooms yellow. It grew from a few tiny pads to that in a little over a year. Looks like some form of opuntia hybrid. Is anyone familiar with it?

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Re: Need help with cacti ID

Post by 7george »

#5 is likely an Opuntia ficus-indica.

Read the rules: maximum 3 species a topic or a week. Better do some other posts in this forum first.
Looks like some form of opuntia hybrid. Is anyone familiar with it?
Hybrids is hard to recognize and "which one" is not so important.

Good to know your location as well (California or elsewhere) to let us make some conclusions about what are you growing there.

Otherwise don't be surprised of not getting any answers here.
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Re: Need help with cacti ID

Post by teo »

1 - Myrtillocactus geometrizans
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Re: Need help with cacti ID

Post by anttisepp »

1 + M. g. f. cristata
2 Echinopsis oxygona aff.
3 Trichocereus sp.
4 Echinocereus procumbens aff.
5 Opuntia ficus-indica
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Re: Need help with cacti ID

Post by greenknight »

The "Burbank's Spineless" label on #5 could be correct. Luther Burbank put a lot of effort into trying to develop spineless cacti varieties for farming. One of these varieties that has survived is a "spineless" hybrid of O. ficus-indica which isn't totally spineless. See:
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