Cacti and succulent books

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Cacti and succulent books

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Hi everyone I have a lot of books for sale both on cacti and succulents.
Davids, Arlette & Montherlant, Henry de (1939): Flowers, Rock Plants, 40 tavler, 1 udg., 171 s.
Carlson, Raymond (1954): The Flowering Cactus, 96 s.
Duursma, G.D. (1930): Succulenten in beeld en Woord, 167 s.
Steenbergh, Warren, F. & Lowe, Charles H. (1977): Ecology of the Saguaro: II, 242 s. + map.
Craig, R.T. (19): The Mammillaria Handbook, 390 s.
Haage, Walther (1986): Kakteen von A bis Z, 3 udg. , 751 s.
Haage, Walther – Sadovský, Otakar (1957): Kakteen Sterne, Die Astrophyten, 1 udg. , 156 s.
Mauseth,J.& Kiesling, R.& Ostolaza, C.(2002): A Cactus Odyssey, 306 s
Putnam, E.W. (1978): Gymnocalyciums, 74 s.
Schätzle, Peter (ca.1978): Feldnummern von Dr. Alfred B. Lau, Mexico und Südamerika, 47 s.
Marshall, Taylor W. (1950): Arizonas Cactusses, Science Bulletin No. 1, 111 s.
Rother, W.O.(1928): Praktischer Leitfaden, anzucht und pflege der Kakteen, 6 udg.,223 s.
Schelle, Ernst (1926): Kakteen, 368 s. + 70 s. foto sort/hvid.
Backeberg, C. (1979): Das Kakteen Lexicon, 5 udg. , 822 s.
Dopp, Holger (1996): Kakteen und andere Sukkulenten, 226 s.
Götz, Erich & Gröner, Gerhard (19): Kakteen, Kultur, Vermehrung, Pfl, Lexicon der Gatt..,340 s.
Cole, Desmond (??) Lithops , Italienish
Hewitt, Terry (2000): Cacti and Succculents, 176 s.
Preston, Rod & Mafham, Ken (1992): Cacti Atlas, 1094 Cacti in colour, 224 s.
Herbel, Dieter (1980): Alles über Kakteen, 311 s
Thomas, F.(1913): Zimmerkultur der Kakteen, 5 auflage 82 s.
Fobe F. (1929): Kaktéer och deres odling, 40 s.
Knuth-Knuthenborg, F.M.(1928): Kaktusbogen, 114 s.
Knuth-Knuthenborg, F.M.(1930): Den nye Kaktusbog, 136 s. Original Paperback
Pilbeam, John (1981): Mammillaria a Collectors guide, 165 s. + Colour supplement
Pilbeam, John (1985): Sulcorebutia and Weingartia, a Collectors guide, 144 s.
Pilbeam, John (19??): How to care for your cacti
Slaba, Rudolf (1992): Kakteen- cacti, 224 s.
Lamb, Edgar & Brian (19??): Cacti in Colour
Lamb, Edgar & Brian (1959-1979): The illustrated Reference on cacti and other Succ., Bind 1-5, 1480 s.
Lamb, Edgar & Brian (1974): Colourful Cacti of the American Deserts, 236 s.
Jensen, Nilaus J. (1975): Kaktus,103 s. 5 udg.
Borg, J. (19??): Cacti, A gardners Handbook, 512 s.
Brems, J. (1935): Mine Kaktus, 85 s.
Manicus, H.T. (1926): Kaktus, Kultur og Pleje, 64 s.
Thomsen, Hans (1935): Kaktus, 208 s.
Taylor, N.P. (1986): The Identification of Escobarias, 9 s
Taylor, N.P. (1985): The Genus Echinocereus, 160 s.
Pilbeam, John (1987): Cacti for the Connoisseur, A guide for growers & collectors, 167 s.
Werdermann, Dr. E (1933): Brasilien und seine Säulekakteen, 122 s.
Backeberg, C. (1931): Neue Kakteen, 109 s.
Weniger, Del (1984): Cacti of Texas and neighboring states, 356 s.
Weskamp, Walter (1987-1997): Die Gattung Parodia, bind 1
Reppenhagen, Werner (1989): Die Gattung Mammillaria nach dem heutigen stand m.w.1988, 223 s.
Reppenhagen, Werner (1991-1992): Die Gattung Mammillaria, Bind I + II, 811 s.
Haage, Ferd (1900): Haage's Cacteen-Kultur, 2 udg. , 263 s.
Berger, Alwin (1910): Stapelien und Kleinien
Lamb, E. (1959): Cacti from seed the easy way, 64 s
Lückhoff (1952) : Stapelieae of S. Afrika
Rauh, Werner (1979): Kakteen an ihren Standorten, 230 s.
Rauh, Werner (19??): Die grossartige Welt der Sukkulenten.

Zeitschriften und Kataloge !

Haage, Friedrich A.(1927-): Kakteen, Preisverzeichnis, 1928+35
Bradleya nr 25 / 2007
Backeberg, C. – Schlagwortverzeichnis – Blätter für Kakteenkunde und Sukkulentenkunde 1934-38
Whitestone (1986-2001): Kataloger, Cacti and other Succulents – ohne 1995
Desert Plant Life (1938-1942 + marz bis Dez 1934): Chicago Cactus Society, Long Beach Cactus Club
KuAS von 1957 bis 2002 alle karteikarten – komplet – meisten gebundenes ausg + lose
Kakteen – Sukkulenten DDR (1978-1983): DDR
Litteraturschau DDR Kakteen 1977 bis 1981
Kaktus Dänish zeitschrift 1974 bis 1997 + einige ältere
Schumannia (2001): Sonderheft der DKG, (3), Kakteen und andere Sukkulenten in Brasilien, 235 s.
Krainz, H. (1956-1975): Die Kakteen, looseblattssamlung ca. 1000 s.

Dyer, R. Allen (1983): Ceropegia, Brachystelma and Riocreuxia in S. Africa
Dyer, R. Allen (1980): Ceropegia, flora of Southern Africa
Bruyns, P.V. (1984): Ceropegia, Brachystelma and Tenaris in S,W. Africa
Ben-Erik & Van Wyk (1996): Guide to the Aloes of South Africa
Exelsa no 13 (1989): (A guide to identifying Aloes)
Fern, Brian (1981):Lithops
Chi, Harry Mak Chi (1988): Photo Album of Succulents in Color Vol 1
Boele C. (1987): Checklist of Brachystelma, Ceropegia, Riocreuxia and Stapelieae +
Supplement To:(1990) The Checklist of Brachystelma, Ceropegia, Riocreuxia and Stapelieae
Archer, P.G.(1992): Kenya Ceropegia Scrapbook
Cole Desmond T.(1987): Madoqua Memoir – Lithops of SWA / Namibia
Jaarsweld, E.J.Van (1994): Gasterias of South Africa
Hardy, David (1992): Succulents of the Transvaal
Lückhoff, C.A. (1952): The Stapelieae of Southern Africa
Berger, A (1910): Stapelieen und Kleinien

But if you are interrested send me an private message if you are interrested in some books, and we will then find a price suitable for both of us.

Hope to hear from you soon, Per.
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Re: Cacti and succulent books

Post by Mrs.Green »

Hi Per :) It may spark more interest, if possible buyers knows which country you live in? The shipping cost (at least in my country) would unfortunately be the biggest issue.
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Re: Cacti and succulent books

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Hi Per,
I hope some books are still available. I have sent you a PM.
Brachy Bob
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Re: Cacti and succulent books

Post by eulaspiegel »

Hi Per
Pm from me as well!
Growing mostly under LED lights, in northern latitudes. Especially interested in stem succulents and caudiciforms. Dreaming of my first greenhouse.
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