2 of my Euphorbia Mammillaris are Blooming. What’s Next?

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2 of my Euphorbia Mammillaris are Blooming. What’s Next?

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Hi All,

I have two different Euphorbia Mammillaris, one is variegated and another is just the normal green ones. I had them last 24th May and right now both of them are having some some flowers. Being a newbie, I was happy seeing both of them in their current state (I must be doing something right or they might be happy). I noticed that the green variety’s flowers are having watery areas around it’s petals (not so sure if I said it correctly). I’m wondering what would be next after all those flowers of them blooms?

I did something weird though because it got me curious, I tried rubbing each of their flowers’ tip to each other to maybe help in pollination or something. Hehe... I really don’t know what I’m doing but yeah, I hope someone can just share what they experienced or knew about these Euphorbias.

Thank you! :)
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Re: 2 of my Euphorbia Mammillaris are Blooming. What’s Next?

Post by 7george »

Get a brush and try to pollinate those. Or let the insects do the job.
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Re: 2 of my Euphorbia Mammillaris are Blooming. What’s Next?

Post by mmcavall »

With E. obesa I realized it is easier to pluck the male flower with a tweezer and rub it against the female flower.
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