*USA* opuntia phaeacantha hybrid cuttings available

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*USA* opuntia phaeacantha hybrid cuttings available

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A friend wanted to remove and throw away this plant, so I swooped in and saved it.

She never planted it herself, she said it just appeared one day as a small plant so she moved it to the front garden. It was likely grown from seed that was dropped by birds that live in the area.

From the research I have done, it is likely an O. phaeacantha/ engelmanii hybrid. I don’t know what color the flowers are.

If you are interested, I can send a pad or two, and I will cover the cost of shipping. This is a very spiny plant! (I am located in Las Vegas, NV)

I am also looking for o. chlorotoca, o. sulphurea, and o. pycnantha.
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