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Post by daiv »

Ok my friends! I am finally ready to start the next step in developing I'm putting out for the first time a formal request to members who would like to donate pictures to be used for identification here on the species list. It is going to take over 1000 pictures to accomplish this which means this is going to take a while.

Before contributing, be sure you are ok with this "disclaimer":
Please only send pictures that you have positively identified. Appropriate credit will be given to the photographer, but no other compensation should be expected. Time of picture usage should be considered permanent. Not all images will be used and there are no guarantees that your image will appear on
A list was requested for pictures that are needed to complete the species list on To start off here is a partial list

Genus Species
Acanthocereus baxaniensis
Acanthocereus colombianus
Acanthocereus horridus
Acanthocereus subinermis
Acharagma roseana
Ariocarpus bravoanus
Armatocereus arduus
Armatocereus brevispinus
Armatocereus cartwrightianus
Armatocereus godingianus
Armatocereus humilis
Armatocereus laetus
Armatocereus mataranus
Armatocereus matucanensis
Armatocereus oligogonus
Armatocereus procerus
Armatocereus rauhii
Armatocereus riomajensis
Armatocereus rupicola
Arrojadoa x albiflora
Arrojadoa bahiensis
Arrojadoa penicillata
Arthrocereus glaziovii
Arthrocereus melanurus
Arthrocereus spinosissimus
Austrocactus bertinii
Austrocactus coxii
Austrocactus philippii
Austrocactus spiniflorus
Austrocylindropuntia floccosa
Austrocylindropuntia hirschii
Austrocylindropuntia lagopus
Austrocylindropuntia punta-caillan
Austrocylindropuntia vestita
Austrocylindropuntia yanganucensis
Brasilicereus markgrafii
Brasilicereus phaeacanthus
Browningia albiceps
Browningia altissima
Browningia amstutziae
Browningia caineana
Browningia chlorocarpa
Browningia columnaris
Browningia microsperma
Browningia viridis
Calymmanthium substerile
Cereus adelmarii
Cereus albicaulis
Cereus argentinensis
Cipocereus bradei
Cipocereus crassisepalus
Cipocereus laniflorus
Cipocereus pusilliflorus
Cochemiea maritima
Coleocephalocereus buxbaumianus
Coleocephalocereus fluminensis
Consolea corallicola
Consolea falcata
Consolea macracantha
Consolea spinosissima
Copiapoa atacamensis
Copiapoa conglomerata
Copiapoa longistaminea
Copiapoa megarhiza
Copiapoa serpentisulcata
Copiapoa tocopillana
Corryocactus apiciflorus
Corryocactus aureus
Corryocactus brachypetalus
Corryocactus brevistylus
Corryocactus chachapoyensis
Corryocactus charazanensis
Corryocactus erectus
Corryocactus huincoensis
Corryocactus pulquiensis
Corryocactus squarrosus
Dendrocereus undulosus
Facheiroa cephaliomelana
Facheiroa squamosa
Jasminocereus thouarsii
Lasiocereus fulvus
Leocereus bahiensis
Leptocereus arboreus
Neowerdermannia chilensis
Pseudoacanthocereus brasiliensis
Pseudorhipsalis acuminata
Samaipaticereus corroanus
Weberocereus biolleyi
Yungasocereus inquisivensis
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Post by hob »

i can see why you don't have most of those :? desert tropicals doesn't either, i have never heard of most of them :shock:

the only one i have is Acharagma roseana which you can find here along with Harry's plant you have a choice of 2 for that one, Harry's is the larger more mature plant so i would suggest using that one (if thats ok with him)
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Post by DieTer-Xz »

I'll be able to provide these (in about a week or so):
Acharagma roseana
Austrocylindropuntia floccosa
Austrocylindropuntia vestita
Cereus hankeanus
Some Frailea's
Maihuenia poeppigii
Pterocactus kuntzei
Some Tephrocacti

A more complete list of species the site needs will be very helpful.
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Post by phil_SK »

I've just had a quick browse through your various Opuntiad genera and Echinopsis and Rebutia. I have quite a few plants you are missing but currently no photos of most of them! I was planning to photo many plants (ideally as they come into flower in the case of Echinopsis and Rebutia). You are welcome to any of the following:
Opuntia types: Austrocylindropuntia floccosa KK399, lagopus 'malyana' (very small), vestita PM361
Cumulopuntia boliviana 'famatinensis' Iliff411, bol. ssp. bol JD285a
Maihueniopsis glomerata DJF455 and glom. 'andicola' PW6473, minuta 'mandragora'
Pterocactus araucana (small plant), fischeri, valentinii ISI1528
Tephrocactus bonniae DJF319 (very small!), molinensis FK91-37-239
Tunilla various forms of the 3 species already listed.
Echinopsis: ancistrophora L400, backebergii - a few more different forms, caineana, calorubra 'cardenasiana' WR498, cal. 'mizquensis' WR463, densispina, ferox (with thicker spines), haematantha 'hualfinensis', jajoana 'paucicostata' WR217, marsoneri 'nigrostoma' FR401, maximiliana ssp. maximiliana (various forms - charazanensis L300, corbula, miniatiflora WR452 and an odd spineless plant of sicuaniensis WR426), pampana (various forms), pentlandii (various forms), pugionacantha (various forms), rowleyi 'crassicaulis' WR151a (bit tatty), schieliana (L966, L1004, WR207), wedermanniana (as Helioanthocereus escayachensis).
Rebutia: glomeriseta 'menesesii', heliosa 'condorensis' L401, mentosa 'torotorensis' L327, pulchra WR593 (small), steinbachii ssp. tiraquensis 'bicolorispina'.

The Opuntia types I can photo soon but any others I'll wait to see if they flower. most plants are in 2" to 4" pots typically but the tinier ones I've noted above. Some of those I've listed you've already got one pic of but I thought you might like pics of other forms where it's a variable species.
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Post by phil_SK »

How do you want pics sending in?
Do you want big pics or is there an ideal size?
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Post by iann »

Flowers? Top view? Side view? 3/4 profile? :)
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Post by PinkNailPolish »

Is it pretty much pictures of ones that you don't already have pictures of? I can't remember which of mine it is, but I have one there's no pictures of on here.
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Post by peterb »

Hi- I am reminded of my (perhaps not necessary) idea that submitted pics might be posted to the forum for general comment before being added to the ID database. Do people think this is cumbersome?

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Post by hablu »

Yes, you can use my Escobaria roseana. Or if you want another shot just tell me. Harry

Daiv, when this is a succes and all the work is done etc. etc. it might be an idea of setting up a succulent database with the help of all the members. I'm sure it will enrich this beautifull site even more.

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Post by daiv »

The Goal
First a general statement about the goal. It might be good to review the Primary Objective of the site:

Ultimately, any photos that will make identification easier is what we need.

Next, let me try and address the questions one at a time:

How Many Pictures?
Hob, in this case I would use both as there are no representatives at this time. There is no limit to the number of pictures that can be used for each species. However, I do want to avoid too many pictures of the same thing. Here is an example where the species is well represented. Even so fruit shots or seedling shots might enhance this page.

Beyond the List
The list is my going through and figuring out what is needed. This takes a little while to generate, but if you see any (like Phil noticed), which aren't on the list just figure those will eventually end up on the list anyway.

Picture Specifications
It would be easiest to just e-mail me the pictures ( That way you don't have to save them to a web server anywhere first. Currently the enlarged pictures here are 600 pixels wide and I would prefer to keep them at least that size. Eventually I want to move to 800 pixels so that would be even better. Do not worry about sizing the pictures except if it makes it easier to e-mail. I will run them through Photoshop anyway to create the thumbnail and name them consistently.

Again the goal is identification. On columnars, for example, a variety of shots is necessary; small plants, big plants, close up of a part of the plant, and so on. Here is an example:

An example for a non-columnar: ... yriostigma

Here you can see shots that represent different flower colors. Note a picture of the plant body too because the last picture is useless for ID in a plant that is not flowering. ... amaecereus

Existing Pictures
I am missing flowers, fruit, mature, juvinile, etc. representations for several species. Also, some of the pictures are just terrible, but they are all I have. Here is an example: ... es=testudo

So not just the new species, but better, additional shots of existing species are good too. On that same note, if a better picture comes along, I may replace the old picture completely rather than just adding it. It is important to remember that the goal is identification and not showcasing anyone's plants and pictures (not even mine).

Identification Verification
For the sake of efficiency, I'm going to have to take everyone at their word and trust the ID they give me with the picture. On that note, don't send a picture unless you are positive you know what it is. Phil's list above is an example where confirming ID is probably not necessary with collection numbers and all. However, collection numbers aren't a requirement. So in light of that, if there are any you are not positive on, post them on the forum and lets try and tackle it. If we just can't agree, we're probably better off skipping it.

One thing at a time. :lol:

Photo Credits
One other important thing not mentioned yet. I need to list the appropriate location and credit for the pictures.

Here are some examples -notice the text "Photo Taken At:" That is next to every picture and I will need that info to post with the picture. More examples:

Habitat shot: ... niliformis

Additional photos:

Private Collections: ... atagonicus ... =schatzlii

If any more questions come up, let me know!

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Post by PinkNailPolish »

I thought of another question. If I submit a picture, and it's used here, (which I doubt because my pictures stink :lol: ) I understand the agreement of their use here. But will I still be able to use them where I want?
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Post by daiv »

Oh yes! My seemingly harsh disclaimer is not that you are giving up the rights to your pictures to me, it is always going to be your picture -even here on -never will it be without credit to the photographer. However, what I want to avoid is someone (and this may never happen anyway), but someone who decides they want the picture off the site later. I just don't want to have to be adding and taking off pictures. It becomes too much work considering there aint no money in it.

Oh and because I don't generate revenue from this site in anyway, I don't have anything to offer for the pics, hence the whole "no other compensation" line.

I just dream of a place where we can access lots of pictures for cactus so that we can Identify them more easily. We should be able to surpass even the New Cactus Lexicon with images because we're not limited to the size of a book.
All Cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are Cacti
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Post by Loph »

what is your take on varieties? for example lophophora diffusa V kohreshii (accordign t many forums IDs and it seems to fit). you have 2 pics on non flowering difussa that are pupping madly. mine are flowering profusely and no pups, so may be usefull? i am able to provide any shots you would like, except i have no fruit yet.

anyway, if varieties are usefull i can email you a bunch of different angles.
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Post by daiv »

I think it is important to list varieties as well.

You can see some good examples on the link below. Notice E. crispa has two varieties pictured underneath. If you click on E. crispa you will see there is also the subspecies listed below. I really should put the varieties underneath the species like I do with subspecies, but haven't as of yet.
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Post by daiv »

Ok, I got the first bunch of pictures from Loph already. I can save a lot of time by working on them in big batches. So if anyone else is so inclined, send what you wish and I'll go to work on them once I've got a nice batch.

On another note: In anticipation of adding a lot of new images, I thought this would be the time to increase the size of the thumbnails.

Well that was a bigger project that I thought. Now I need to go through and crop the verticle thumbs because they are just too big. Feel free to click around on the left nav bar of the main site and see what you think.
All Cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are Cacti
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