Grow - Trade List and Plant Swap merger?

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Grow - Trade List and Plant Swap merger?

Post by Shane »

To me, these boards aren't different enough to really justify having both of them. Looking through the topics, there doesn't seem to be a real distinction between what gets posted in one vs the other either. And I don't think either gets enough posts to justify having a separate plant trading boards even if there is a big distinction between the two

More importantly though, I think they would work better as one. There isn't a lot of volume in either, and I wonder if this is partly due to the traffic getting split in half and confusion over which board is for what

This is an underutilized part of the forum, and I think we need to make a change here. When nobody posts, nobody checks, and then nobody posts and it continues. I'd like to see (and participate in) more trading, and would like to have a discussion of how to make it happen
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Re: Grow - Trade List and Plant Swap merger?

Post by ElieEstephane »

The posts may be similar due to lack of monitoring but the grow trade list subforum is meant to be for you to catalogue your existing collection and tell what you are willing to trade (and this is where the border is blurry)
I think anyone looking to trade should have a grow list of genera, species, numbers... someone might give you a deal on a listed plant that you haven't posted for trade
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