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January 2018 week 1: Echinocereus (wilcoxia) poselgeri

Posted: Fri Jan 05, 2018 9:15 am
by ElieEstephane
Echinocereus poselgeri was named variously over time. It was Wilcoxia poselgeri, and it has been placed in Cereus. It was even Peniocereus at one time. But recent analyses confirm that the several Wilcoxia species belong to the genus Echinocereus. Common names include: Dahlia cactus, Pencil cactus and Sacasil

Habitat: it is found in South Texas and adjoining Mexico in the Rio Grande River plains in sandy soils. It is a hard cactus to spot.


Stems: are 1 to1.5cm wide and 1m long often branching and having 8 ribs with 9-12 short spines. Stems are initially erect but will need support as they grow taller. Plants grown in the open are less than 30cm tall while plants growing between vegetation can reach 1.2m while leaning on shrubs for support.

Roots: are the main feature of this cactus. They are tuberous up to 2cm wide and 10cm long. Tubers are not capable of producing new growth.

Flowers:funnel shaped flowers are large and showy borne on or near the tips of the stems.

Cultivation: this plant is very easy in cultivation and requires a fast draing loose sandy soil to accomodate its tubers. It's a nice addition to any collection.