Whassup with Leuchtenbergia hybrids?

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Whassup with Leuchtenbergia hybrids?

Post by BarryRice »

Hey guys

I've known about Leuchtenbergia hybrids with Ferocactus, but I just recently saw pictures of hybrids with Astrophytum! Are these genuine?

Any comments on how Leuchtenbergia can span such genera, even though I know of no Astrophytum x Ferocactus crosses?
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Re: Whassup with Leuchtenbergia hybrids?

Post by Robb »

yep its possible Leuchtenbergia will hybridize with astrophytum along with Echinocactus grusonsii and thelocactus!
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Re: Whassup with Leuchtenbergia hybrids?

Post by DaveW »

Is that what Digitostigma is then! :lol: :lol:
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Re: Whassup with Leuchtenbergia hybrids?

Post by CactusFanDan »

I don't quite know how they're so good at hybridising with plants from other genera, but there certainly a lot of ways they have been crossed. Ferobergia is the classic intergeneric hybrid with Leuchtenbergia. I've got a lovely plant myself. There have been xAstrobergia reported and pictures posted on the internet, but they're not widespread enough to be sure of.

My xFerobergia has produced viable seeds when crossed with Thelocactus, so it could be possible for Leuchtenbergia to cross with Thelocactus. :P

I don't know of any studies done on the genetics of Leuchtenbergia, but I think in the case of these hybridisations it could be a character of the pollen-pollen tube recognition which allows the cross to be done. Just a guess, but maybe. :)
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