Opuntia book - by Cheryl Green and Dave J. Ferguson

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Opuntia book - by Cheryl Green and Dave J. Ferguson

Post by Justin »

Pricklypears Commonly Found in the United States and Northern Mexico - by Cheryl Green and Dave J. Ferguson

It can be order online here:

https://secure.mybookorders.com/Orderpage/781" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I have the book.
Besides a very good presentation of the 60 species, varieties, forms or cultivars of Opuntia, commonly found in the United States and northern Mexico, the book have a very interesting presentation about the way to approach of Opuntia plants. How to look to a plant of Opuntia.
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Re: Opuntia book - by Cheryl Green and Dave J. Ferguson

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Also available here:

http://www.exoticplantbooks.com/detail/?product_id=791" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I am sure Ferguson's treatment will invite a certain amount of controversy, disagreement, etc. But I am also willing to bet the book will be highly useful.

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Re: Opuntia book - by Cheryl Green and Dave J. Ferguson

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I have THE BOOK.!!! Interesting concept and it must be useful for something but I'm not sure what. The names are just based on Ferguson's personal opinion and not on any detectable science. It is one thing to disagree, which is a common occurrence in taxonomy, but there has to be data on which to base opinions and concepts. The photos are interesting but given the many hybrids found in Opuntia in nearly all localities, I think one would be very lucky to correctly ID a plant simply based on comparisons with the photos presented in this book by Greene and Ferguson. I think the concept of the book would have been more successful if it had been limited to fewer and better known species than those illustrated.
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Re: Opuntia book - by Cheryl Green and Dave J. Ferguson

Post by JoeShaw »

I have the book. What a great book. I must disagree with the writer who says the book is personal opinion and not based on science. The literature is cited and photographs showing traits are presented.

Given Dave Ferguson's long track record in publishing in the field he is to be congratulated for putting together yet another sterling publication. His treatments in the book are borne out by what is seen in the field. If someone can't tell the difference between Opuntia species, they are free to call them hybrids, but this book is well written and well researched.
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