November 2011 Leuchtenbergia principis

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November 2011 Leuchtenbergia principis

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Leuchtenbergia principis W. J. Hooker
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Growth Habits: Very slow growing, usually solitary,up to 30 inches tall (75 cm), grows a large tap root so will require a deep pot to allow the root some room.

Scientific name: Leuchtenbergia principis

Common names: Agave Cactus, Cob Cactus, Prism Cactus.

Synonym: None found

Etymology: Named in honour of Eugene de Bauharnais, the Duke of Leuchtenberg and prince of Eichstadt
princeps :- meaning a prince

Origin: North-central Mexico (San Luis Potosi, Chihuahua)

Light: Full sun to light shade.

Compost: I grow mine in my usual standard castus mix.

Water: Water carefully in summer, lack of water will make the tip of the tubercles yellow. Too much water will make it rot.

Flower: Large yellow flower when plant reaches the right age (mine was about 5 years old before it flowered)

Min temp: I keep mine at about 5 c (41f) in winter although they will tollerate a small ammount of frost for short periods it is best avoided.

Cultivation: Lower "leaves" will shrivel and fall off as it grows older, it is not advisable to bury the resultant part of the stem.


Comments. A monotypic genus that has not been interfered with over the years, thought to be closely related to Ferocactus, it has been crossed with a Ferocactus to create a hybrid called a Ferobergia.
I bought my plant as a young seedling in 2007 and this year (2011) was its first year flowering.

Flower close-up
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Young seedling
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Mature plant photographed at the BCCS National show in 2008
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