October 2011 Hamatocactus setispinus

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October 2011 Hamatocactus setispinus

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Hamatocactus setispinus (Engel.) Brit. & Rose
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Growth Habits: Normally solitary, will sometimes offset from the base.

Scientific name: Thelocactus setispinus.

Common names: Miniature Barrel Cactus, Hedgehog.

Synonym: Echinocactus setispinus var. cachetianus, Hamatocactus setispinus var. setaceus, Echinocactus setispinus var. setaceus, Echinocactus muehlenpfordtii, Echinocactus setispinus var. muehlenpfordtii, Echinocactus setispinus var. mierensis, Thelocactus setispinus var. mierensis, Thelocactus setispinus var. setaceus, Hamatocactus setispinus var. hamatus, Hamatocactus setispinus var. cachetianus, Thelocactus setispinus var. cachetianus, Hamatocactus setispinus, Thelocactus setispinus, Ferocactus setispinus, Echinocactus setispinus, Echinocactus hamatus, Thelocactus setispinus var. hamatus

Etymology: Hamatus :- meaning hooked and cactus :- meaning thistle
seta :- meaning bristle and spina :- meaning thorn or prickle.

Origin: USA (Southern-Texas) and Northern Mexico (Taumaulipas ; Nuevo Leon, Coahuila)

Light: Full sun to light shade.

Compost: Free draining cactus mix.

Water: Regular water in the summer growing season, benefits from a little liquid fertiliser mixed in the water.

Flower: Yellow with an orange to red throat.

Min temp: Hardy to -7 c (20f) but do better if kept at about 5 c (41 f)

References. http://www.cactiguide.com

Comments. Well worth growing for its colourful flowers.
I only have one plant so do not get the bright red seed pods on mine.
Hamatocactus has now been transfered to Thelocactus

Image showing close-up of flower.
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Image showing fruit photographer Tim Nevis

Image showing seeds inside fruit photographer Dale Denham-Logsdon