September 2011 Setiechinopsis mirabilis

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September 2011 Setiechinopsis mirabilis

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Setiechinopsis mirabilis (Spegazzini) De Haas (1940)
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Growth Habits: Small short lived plant usually solitary, rarely reaching 6 inches (15cm) and 1 inch (2.5 cm) dia.

Scientific name: Echinopsis mirabilis.

Common names: Flower of prayer.

Synonym: Setiechinopsis mirabilis Arthrocereus mirabilis

Etymology: Seti :- meaning bristle, echinos :- meaning hedgehog, opsis :- meaning similar to.
mirabilis :- wonderful

Origin: Eastern Argentina.

Light: Light shade.

Compost: Well drained cactus mix.

Water: Regularly from march to October, rot prone, must be kept dry in winter.

Flower: Long stemmed, white, nocturnal, only lasting a few hours.

Min temp: Best kept frost free but is thought to be able to stand a slight frost for very short time.

Cultivation: Very short lived plant best grown from seed every two or three years, also very prone to spider mite attacks.


Comments. Ofter old enough to flower from seed in 2 to 3 years the plant is self fertile and will produce seed pods after flowering, the pods split open when the seed is ripe and can be planted soon after ready for the next generation.
This monotypic Genus has now been transferred to Echinopsis although some believe it to be more closely related to the Cereus group of plants.

Image showing bud forming, here you can see the bristles on the bud from where it gets part of its name.
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Image showing the whole plant flowering.
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Image showing close-up of the flower.
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