Kalanchoe Seeds

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Kalanchoe Seeds

Post by frangipani »

My Kalanchoe blossfeldianas are starting to flower, and I thought it might be fun to try cross-pollinating some of the different colours and see what I get. I've got a red variety which I found growing wild on a piece of land that was being cleared, and it's much hardier than the ordinary shop varieties. unfortunately, it's flowers are smaller, and I only have them in red. So I'd like to cross it with one of the others, and see if I could get a hardy plant with cool flowers. I realise I'd have to wait quite awhile before the seedlings flowered, but that's okay. I'd just like to know how to cross-pollinate the plants and how to collect their seed. Any advice would be appreciated. :)
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Post by cooky173 »

You will need to transfer some pollen from the stamen/anther (not sure which word is actually correct) from one plant to the stigma of the other...these will be the father and mother respectively.

Since the flowers are so small and numerous, it may be easiest to break off some flowers and pull them apart to get at the pollen, then use a paintbrush to transfer to the other plant.
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Post by Ashcombe »

Really informational thread. i got knowledge about seed etc.I appreciate to you guys.Thanks for opening wonderful thread.
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Re: Kalanchoe Seeds

Post by keithp2012 »

Did the OP ever do the experiment?
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