feb 2011 Matucana aureiflora

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feb 2011 Matucana aureiflora

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Matucana aureiflora F. Ritter


Growth Habits: Solitary, up to 4 inches tall (10 cm), 5 inches in diameter (12 cm)

Scientific name: Matucana aureiflora.

Common names: None known.

Synonym: Matucana celendinensis, Submatucana aureiflora, Borzicactus aureiflorus

Etymology: Matucana Named after the small Peruvian town 50 miles east of Lima, where they grow at 6,000-13,000 feet
aureiflora The specific name means golden flowered.

Origin: Peru (Camajarca)

Light: Sunlight or light shade.

Compost: A free draining cactus compost deep enough to allow for the tap root.

Water: Regular watering spring to autumn, allow soil to dry between waterings. Dry in winter.

Flower: Bright yellow.

Min temp: +5 degrees C (41 F) not frost hardy.


Comments. Looks similar to Oroya peruviana but the flowers are very different.
Starts flowering at about 3 inches dia (7.5 cm)

Habitat image
Photographer: Craig Howe