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October 2010 Mammillaria spinosissima cv.'Un Pico'

Posted: Sun Oct 31, 2010 3:38 pm
by hob
Mammillaria spinosissima cv.'Un Pico' never formally described.
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Growth Habits: Solitary or slowly clumping.

Scientific name: Mammillaria spinosissima cv.'Un Pico'

Common names: None known.

Synonym: Mammillaria spinosissima v unispina, Mammillaria spinosissima cv. 'one spine'

Etymology: Mammillaria From the Latin word mammilla, meaning nipple or teat.
spinosissima,The specific name implies: "the spiniest"
Un Pico, one spine.

Origin: Nursery produced cultivar.

Light: As much light as it will take without burning to encourage spine growth.

Compost: A free draining standard cactus mix.

Water: Regular water in spring to autumn allowing soil to dry between waterings, keep dry in winter.

Flower: Pinkish red.

Min temp: Down to about -2 C.

Cultivation: Not a difficult plant to grow, treat as any other easy Mammillaria.


Comments. A stable genetic mutation of Mammillaria spinosissima ssp spinosissima with only one spine on each areole.

Image showing flowers.