Make a super-glue graft step by step

All about grafting. How-to information, progress reports, show of your results.
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no, sorry, don't know it
maybe someone else does

however here is a link to a video about a grafting method that may work very well for your seedlings: ... r_embedded
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grafting on Opuntia leptocaulis

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perhaps you can get some beneficial info from my little experiment I've done few days ago with super-glue method.
here is the link:

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Re: Make a super-glue graft step by step

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Christer Johansson wrote: Wed May 26, 2010 5:50 pm 1. First you need super-glue.
This is the kind of glue to glue bolts and nuts...

Your thread blows my mind
Very informative and an eye-opening 👍👍👍

daiv wrote: Wed May 26, 2010 8:07 pm So what do you do with the bottom of the scion? You should be able to graft that too and get all kinds of pups on it.
what do you mean?

Do you mean to attach that scion's root part upsidedown on to the stock
And then...that root part will grows some pups?

Christer Johansson wrote: Thu May 27, 2010 2:56 pm But usually I let it stay in the pot and just cut the top. Then I get multi headed plants later ;) that how one produce a multi-headed-cactus
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Re: Make a super-glue graft step by step

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Regarding the Loctite / Superglue picture
It says Loctite on the label, which in the USA is usually known as a kind of threadlocker glue used to help secure nuts and bolts as Edwindwianto pointed out. If I remember correctly that glue is usually blue or red. Use blue if you want to the glue to hold but not be permanent and use red if you want it to stay forever. The glue in the bottle in Christer's picture is clear suggesting it really is superglue. I'd guess that Loctite is a brand name of thread locker and perhaps there is a regular superglue sold under the same brand, too.
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Re: Make a super-glue graft step by step

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Any tips on reverse-grafting please
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