Hello from Poland

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Hello from Poland

Post by PolishGuy »

Im a young Polish guy (duh) and I have small cactus collection...

To say something interesting I can tell you that my dream is to mutate/gmo my own cactus/succulent plant one day to make it weird and unique. For the record I haven't done any experiments with that YET.

Poland, dolnośląskie (lower silesia)
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Re: Hello from Poland

Post by Aeonium2003 »

Welcome! Blasting plants with radioactivity and using CRISPR...
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Re: Hello from Poland

Post by jerrytheplater »

Welcome to the Forum. I know I'm going to ruin the spelling, but here goes: Gendobre pan.

So curious me, I checked and got: Dzien dobry (jane-doh-brih) Good Morning.
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Re: Hello from Poland

Post by gemhunter178 »

A cactus and succulent collector who especially likes Aricarpus. ...Though I have a bit of everything! Want some pictures? See my flickr! I also do art and such.
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Re: Hello from Poland

Post by anttisepp »

Hello, nice to see you here, Poland is very beautiful country.
I have some plants from there.
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