DIY Faux Rock Cacti Planter

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DIY Faux Rock Cacti Planter

Post by Phlempton »

I made this faux rock planter to display/show off some of my smaller cacti and/or succulents.

It's an expanded polystyrene foam core with concrete about 1cm thick on the outside. I haven't actually measured it but its about 65cm/26in at its widest.

Its not 100% finished as I still need to seal it and trim down the drainage tubes, but despite my lack of artistic abilities I'm pretty happy with how it has turned out. Its nice and light but seems pretty strong.

I made it on a bit of a whim with stuff I had lying around so I haven't decided exactly what'll go it in yet, but so far is it a yay or nay from you? What do you think?
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Re: DIY Faux Rock Cacti Planter

Post by mmcavall »

Very cool!
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Re: DIY Faux Rock Cacti Planter

Post by Steve-0 »

Looking good so far!
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Re: DIY Faux Rock Cacti Planter

Post by ohugal »

Love to see it with the plants.
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Re: DIY Faux Rock Cacti Planter

Post by RorBurg56 »

Is the concrete freely porous? Id be worried that if it isnt water could pool beneath the tops of the drainage tubes, unless you planned to pare those down to the base. Looks nice for sure :)
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