Selling/trading Parodia turecekiana seeds in Australia

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Selling/trading Parodia turecekiana seeds in Australia

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I have a Parodia turecekiana (a disputed Parodia species that most sources describe as part of Parodia mammulosa submammulosa) seeds that came from my plant recently. The only other Parodia flowering at the time were my two P mammulosa submammulosas, so they are probably hybridised with that.

Still, if you want a P Parodia mammulosa submammulosa with long spines and darker colour, these seeds are probably a good bet.

I have seeds from my P turecekiana that is definitely half P turecekiana, and seeds from my P mammulosa submammulosa that might be half P turecekiana or might be full P mammulosa submammulosa

Pictured is the actual plants:



Both are in the same sunny location, so that colour on the P turecekiana is normal.

$5 for 20 seeds from the P mammulosa submammulosa.

$5 for 10 seeds from the P turecekiana (I guess that's fair given they are probably more desirable?).

It's hard to tell how many seeds i actually have, so rather than over promise I'll guarantee five packs of each for now.

Shipping included. Standard letter with padding (no one like crushed seeds). Australia only. Willing to trade for interesting seeds, so PM me with what you have.
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