2013 Photo Contest Schedule

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2013 Photo Contest Schedule

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2013 Photo Contest Schedule

January – Cacti and Succulents in Winter
Whether your plants are covered in snow or are flowering in your greenhouse, as long as the photo was taken in winter, it qualifies.

February - Yellow Flower from Summer
It may still be winter for a lot of us, but why not remember summer's warmth by posting your best photo of a yellow flower.

March - Red Spines
Show off your favorite photograph of your plants red spines.

April – Small Mexican Cacti and Succulents
Do you grow any small Mexican Cacti and Succulents? Let's see them! (Just be sure they are native to Mexico)

May – Pink/Purple Flowers
This month's contest is devoted to flowers of all shades of Pink and Purple. (Cacti and Succulents)

June – Close-Up
Let's see your Cactus or Succulent up close!

July – Many Flowers in One Pot
Show off as many flowers (in a single pot) as you can.

August - Opuntioids
This topic is all about Opuntioids. Sure, they are often spiny and covered in glochids, but nothing says "Cactus" like an Opuntioid.

September - Flattened/Leaflike/Epiphytic Cacti
Often overlooked, these can be very interesting and beautiful cacti.

October - Fall Flowers
Cacti or Succulents, there is often something blooming in the fall.

November – Other Succulents
This topic is all about Succulents other than Cacti. Let's see them!

December - Creative Cacti Re-Re-Re-Re-Revisited
... I sure hope that was enough "Re's"! :lol:
Get creative for the traditional End-of-the-Year favorite for many of us. This includes succulent-based ideas too.

And most of all - Have Fun!

John In Fort Worth, Texas
"Where the West begins"
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