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Acanthocereus subinermis

Common Name(s):
Synonym(s): Acanthocereus tetragonus
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Subfamily: Cactoideae
Tribe: Pachycereeae
Distribution: Oaxaca - Mexico (North America)
Habit: Sprawling
Flower: WhiteEncounterability: Rare
Original Description: The Cactaceae 2 p.125 - Britton & Rose (1920)
Plants 1 meter high or higher; joints stout, 5 to 7 cm broad, strongly 3 or 4-angled, bright green, somewhat shining, usually short; areoles 3 to 4 cm apart; spines either wanting or short, when present 6 to 10 at an areole, acicular, usually less than 1.5 cm long; flowers various in size, 15 to 22 cm long; outer perianth-segments narrow, reddish, acute; inner perianth-segments white; areoles of ovary and flower-tube somewhat spiny; fruit globular to short-oblong, 4 cm long, dull red.
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