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Etymology -The generic name is from the Latin Australis, meaning southern - see description.
The prefix Austro means southern and so this is the South American version of Cylindropuntia. However, there are differences beyond geography that separate this shrubby group of cacti into their own genus. Clearly members of the opuntiads, this genus features round succulent leaves on new growth that fall off with age and the opuntia trademark glochids within the areoles. New stems and flower buds arise from areoles along existing stems, but Austrocylindropuntia differs from Cylindropuntia in that the spines lack papery sheaths. The stems also grow without distinct segments between growth points. Flowers are yellow, orange, or red on stout spiny floral tubes. Fruits are thick and rounded.

Two of the eleven species are especially popular in cultivation; A. subulata and A. cylindracea are extremely hardy, fast growing, and make formidable landscape plants in warmer climates.

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Austrocylindropuntia yanganucensis

Austrocylindropuntia yanganucensis

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*Currently 11 of 11 known species in this genus are represented on
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