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Ariocarpus retusus is Available for Purchase from the following suppliers:

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   Suppliers located in United States
Supplier Name: Corona Cactus Nursery      Ships International: No
Supplier Notes: We ship all plants bare root unless otherwise noted.

This Listing: Ariocarpus retusus      Priced From: 8.50 To: 18.00 (USD)
Listing Notes: 2.5inch plant OR 3.5 to 4 plant. 10 year old seed grown plants (sown Oct. 11, 1999) -Blue/Grey body with tufts of white wool. Large taproot. White flowers with a yellow center.

Supplier Name: Miles To Go      Ships International: No
Supplier Notes: Unless otherwise specified, the plants will fit into the pot size indicated. We have no minimum order but there is a shipping charge for some orders.

This Listing: Ariocarpus retusus      Price: 7.50 (USD)
Listing Notes: #5442 - 2 1/2" plant - parents supposedly from Minas San Rafael, gray-green tubercles roughly as long as wide.

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