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This is an alphabetical listing of all Common Names for Cacti that are listed on

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Sage of the Desert
Salmon-Flowered Hedgehog
San Diego Barrel Cactus
San Pedro Cactus
San Pedro Macho
San Rafael Cactus
San Rafael Swell Cactus
Sand Dollar Cactus
Santa Marta
Santa Rita Candle Cactus
Santa Rita Prickly Pear
Scarlet Ball Cactus
Scarlet Bugler
Scarlet Cob
Scarlet Crown Cactus
Scheer Cory-Cactus
Scheer's Strong-Spined Cory-Cactus
Schlesser's Pincushion
Schott Club Cactus
Sea Urchin Cactus
Semaphore Cactus
Serpent Cactus
Seven Stars
Sheathed Cholla
Sheldon's Pincushion
Short-Joint Beavertail
Short-Joint Prickly Pear
Short-Spined Strawberry Cactus
Showy Pincushion
Siempre Verde
Siler's Pincushion
Silver Ball Cactus
Silver Cholla
Silver-Lace Cob Cactus
Simpson's Prickly Apple
Slender Pincushion
Small-Spined Cream Pincushion
Smooth Chain-Fruit Cholla
Smooth Mountain Prickly Pear
Smooth Prickly Pear
Snake Cactis
Snake Cactus
Sneed's Cory-Cactus
Sneed's Escobaria
Sneed's Pincushion
Snowball Beehive Cactus
Snowball Cactus
Snowball Pincushion Cactus
Sonora Barrel
Sonoran Jumping Cholla
Sonoran Rainbow Cactus
Southwestern Barrel Cactus
Spider Cactus
Spineless Hedgehog
Spineless Prickly Pear
Spinier Devil's-Claw Cactus
Spiny Barrel Cactus
Spiny Cholla
Spiny Hedgehog
Spiny Nopal
Spiny Star Cactus
Spiny Strawberry Hedgehog
Spiny-Fruit Prickly Pear
Sprawling Cactus
Sprawling Prickly Pear
Staghorn Cholla
Stanly's Club Cholla
Star Cactus
Star Rock Cactus
Starry Ball
Starvation Prickly Pear
Stout Needle Mulee
Straw Spine Cactus
Straw-Colored Hedgehog
Strawberry Cactus
Strawberry Hedgehog
Sun Cereus
Sun Cup
Sunset Cactus
Surinam Gooseberry
Sweet Potato Cactus
Sweet Prickly Pear
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