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This is an alphabetical listing of all Common Names for Cacti that are listed on

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Rabo De Raposa
Rainbow Cactus
Rainbow Pincushion
Ramo De Novia
Rattail Cactus
Rattail Cholla
Recurved Cory-Cactus
Recurved Spine Pincushion
Red Crown Cactus
Red Easter Lily Cactus
Red Pineapple Cactus
Red-Gold Crown Cactus
Red-Spined Prickly Pear
Reddish Purple Prickly Pear
Reeve's Devil's-Claw Cactus
Reina De La Noche
Rhinoceros Cactus
Robbins's Snowball Cactus
Robin Tree Cactus
Robust Claret-Cup
Robust Hedgehog
Robust Pincushion
Root Cactus
Rosa Amarilla
Rose Beehive Cactus
Rose Cactus
Rose Devil's-Claw Cactus
Rose Easter Lily Cactus
Rose's Claret-Cup
Rose's Hedgehog
Royal Cross
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