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This is an alphabetical listing of all Common Names for Cacti that are listed on

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Lace Cactus
Lace-Spine Cactus
Lady Finger Cactus
Ladyfinger Cactus
Lamb's Tail Cactus
Large Barrel Cactus
Lead Pencil Cactus
Leafy Cactus
Leding's Hedgehog Cactus
Lee's Pincushion
Lemon Vine
Lengua De Vaca
Lindsays Cactus
Lindsays Hedgehog Cactus
Link Plant
Little Peyote
Little Prickly Pear
Living Rock Cactus
Lizard Catcher
Lloyd's Hedgehog Cactus
Lloyd's Mariposa Cactus
Lolipop Cactus
Long Mamma
Long-Spined Prickly Pear
Loose Prickly Pear
Low Prickly Pear
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