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High Country Gardens

High Country Gardens

Drought Tolerant Plants, Xeriscape Perennials
Supplier Location: United States
Ships International: No
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What is High Country Gardens?
High Country Gardens specializes in waterwise ("xeric") perennials and other plants that need very little or no extra water once established. With the widespread awareness of green, environmentally conscious practices, the use of drought tolerant plants has now spread from the high desert gardens of the Southwest to the entire nation. We have spent years offering and developing unusual garden-tested perennials, bulbs, cacti, succulents, grasses, and shrubs that ship right from our greenhouses to your landscape. The fragrant and colorful blossoms and foliage on many of our flowering xeriscape plants, such as Lavender, Penstemon, and Agastache, attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

Xeriscape perennials: Good for your garden, good for the environment

Xeriscaping not only makes gardening easier in dry climates because of the plants' drought resistance, but also helps the environment by using less water while still providing a lush garden full of native flowers and foliage. Our Chief Horticulturist, David Salman, is a recognized expert in the field of water-wise and western gardening and landscaping, and is a sought-after speaker on these subjects throughout the western United States. In 2008, he was a distinguished recipient of the AMERICAN HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY 2008 Great American Gardeners Awards.
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Featured Listings:

We ship live plants from mid February until the last week in June. We resume shipping in mid August until mid November, earlier for colder zones and later for warmer zones.
Agave parryi -Parry's Century Plant, Flagstaff form
18 x 18-30 wide, (seed propagated). An incredible non-suckering selection of Parrys Century Plant, the seed for our crop was collected on a brutally cold, exposed high-altitude plateau (6,800 elevation) south of Flagstaff in Coconino Co., Arizona. The silver-gray plants are growing in a clay-loam soil mixed with black volcanic boulders. Without question, this is one of the largest, most cold-hardy forms of Agave you can grow. Plant in a lean, well-drained soil where it will get plenty of sun and heat. In time, the plant will bloom with a towering 12 tall, flowering candelabra that will attract hummingbirds from miles around. Zones 4 -10.
Price: 6.99 (USD)
Item: 12753
Agave toumeyana v. bella -Miniature Century Plant
4 x 5 wide, (seed propagated). Many years of growing this miniature gem in my Santa Fe cacti gardens convinced me of its desirability. However, it was only recently that I was finally able to secure seed of this rare, very cold hardy form of the species. Bellafs thin, stiff leaves are edged with white stripes and adorned with curling white threads giving the small rosettes an appealing tidy appearance. A wonderful companion plant for Echinocereus and Escobaria cacti species.

Zones 5-10
Priced From: 7.49           
To: 18.99 (USD)
Item: 12713-J2713
Delosperma Sampler (Iceplant)
All the cold hardy species in the Sampler are appreciated by gardeners for their brightly colored flowers, attractive evergreen foliage and low-care nature. The Sampler contains a total of 4 plants; one each of Delosperma nubiginum, Delosperma congestum (or Gold Nugget Iceplant), Delosperma Mesa Verde and Delosperma ashtonii Blut (a very xeric cultivar with possibly the deepest magenta-red flowers in the genus).

Zones 5-8
Price: 19.96 (USD)
Item: 99537
Xeric Succulent Sampler
These Southwestern native succulents are the backbone of any well designed Xeriscape providing year-round interest with their evergreen foliage, architectural lines and showy flowers. Plant them in well drained sandy or loamy soils in the sunniest, hottest sites. Recommended for the Intermountain West and desert Southwest. Our Sampler includes one each of the five different plants listed below.

Zones 6-10.
Price: 34.95 (USD)
Item: C0039

Contact Info:
High Country Gardens
2902 Rufina Street
Santa Fe, NM 87507-2929

Tel: 800-925-9387
Fax: 800-925-0097

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