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MattsLandscape Nursery

MattsLandscape Nursery

Specializing In Hybrid Epiphyllums
Supplier Location: United States
Ships International: Yes
We are a small family operation and grow Epiphyllums, Hylocereus aka (DRAGON FRUIT), Aporophyllums, Echinopsis and Trichocereus hybrids, Schlumbergera and Rhipsalidopsis, several cactus species along with a little bit of this and that.
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Featured Listings:

Lots of Epi Hybrids as well as species. Most are cuttings, but I also have rooted plants for U.S. shipments only.
Hybrid Epiphyllums
Epiphyllum Hybrid cuttings are offered as a single cutting and in pairs of cuttings of the same variety, 20% discount for pairs. The minimum sizes of the cuttings are 6 to 8 inches each one, but most maybe much larger depending on availability.
Price: 9.95 (USD)
Item: epi_hytrids
Echinopsis Hybrids
Echinopsis Hybrids are offered here as small pups,have vivid colored small to XL sized blooms just as large as Epis in many varieties. Most have some spines are columar or small barrel shaped in growth. But unlike Trichocereus they tend to not grow as large 1-2 feet maximum at full maturity, many are even smaller and most average no more than 6 inches in hieght or as tall as there diameter. Very easy to grow, they like rich well draining soil with some sand in the mix. They are cool low mountain cactus so the origonal species that they were crossed with came from lower regions of mountains ranges in Peru. NOT A MOJAVE DESERT CACTUS. They can take full sun all day by coastal locations but like a short break from the sun in summer further inland. A shadow cast from a structure or vegitation does just fine. Regular water and fertilizer during warm season. Several sets of blooms spring to fall.
Price: 12.95 (USD)
Item: echinopsis
Schlumbergera - Thanksgiving or Christmas CACTUS
We have many named varieties of Schlumbergera hybrids. No-name hybrids are a dime-a-dozen, but we carry registered plants that have been selected especially for their beauty by expert growers.
Price: 8.95 (USD)
Large Epi Hybrid Plants
These are full-sized rooted plants. Only a handful are available at a given time. If you don't want to wait years to have massive blooming, this is the way to go. These large plants can not be shipped internationally. Prices start at $24.95 and up.
Price: 24.95 (USD)

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MattsLandscape Nursery
San Juan Capistrano, CA

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