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Taxonomy for Rauhocereus riosaniensis, its infra species, and synonyms.

The following author and publication details are provided by the International Plant Names Index (IPNI). Further details on the various authors and publications are available on the IPNI website. To view a record on the IPNI website, click the "IPNI" link in brackets next to each taxa below.

Name - Author - Publication - Year

Rauhocereus riosaniensis

Published: Rauhocereus riosaniensis Descr. Cact. Nov. 20 (1957). [ IPNI ]

Rauhocereus riosaniensis var. jaenensis

Published: Rauhocereus riosaniensis var. jaenensis Sitzungsber. Heidelberger Akad. Wiss., Math.-Naturwiss. Kl. 1958(1): 368 [ IPNI ]

Rauhocereus riosaniensis subsp. jaenensis

(Rauh ex Backeb.) Ostolaza
Published: Rauhocereus riosaniensis subsp. jaenensis Cactaceae Consensus Init. 06:09:00 AM [ IPNI ]
Synonym Data

Browningia riosaniensis

(Backeb.) G.D.Rowley
Published: in Nation. Cact. Succ. J. (U.K.), 37(2): 48 (1982): 1982 [ IPNI ]
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