Cacti of the Month (April, 2008) Escobaria hesteri

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Cacti of the Month (April, 2008) Escobaria hesteri

Postby hob » Mon Mar 24, 2008 10:16 pm

Escobaria hesteri (Y. Wright) Buxbaum


Growth Habits: Clumping, each stem is 1.5 inches wide (4 cm)

Scientific name; Escobaria hesteri

Common names: Hester's foxtail cactus

Synonym: Coryphantha hesteri, Mammillaria hesteri

Etymology: In honour of two brothers from Mexico, Romulo and Numa Escobar,
In honour of J. Pinckney Hester, writer on succulents, who discovered the taxon in 1930

Origin: Brewster County Texas Southwestern USA

Light: Full sun to light shade.

Compost. A free draining mineral cactus mix.

Water: Light watering spring to autumn, Rot prone, keep dry in winter.

Flower: Magenta flowers are 1.3 inches in diameter (3 cm). A prolific bloomer, it blooms intermittently during the summer.

Min temp: Hardy to 15°F (-10°C)

Cultivation: Easy to grow and remains quite a small plant.

Habitat. Grasslands on dry, gravely limestone hills, alluvial fans, and outcrops of novaculite (a hard, fine-grained, silica-rich rock). Elevational range is 1200-1500 metres.

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