October 2009 Echinopsis backebergii

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October 2009 Echinopsis backebergii

Post by hob » Mon Mar 29, 2010 7:43 pm

Echinopsis backebergii Werdermann ex. Backeberg

Growth Habits: Small solitary plant, may clump as it gets older. body is 2 to 2 3\4 inches dia (5 to 7 cm) and about the same tall.

Scientific name; Echinopsis backebergii

Common names: None that come to mind.

Synonym: Lobivia zecheri, Echinopsis boedekeriana, Lobivia boedekeriana, Lobivia backebergii, Lobivia winterana, Lobivia wrightiana, Lobivia oxyalabastra

Etymology: From the Greek echinos sea urchin opsis appearance
The species name " backebergii" named after Curt Backeberg a German horticulturist.

Origin: Bolivia, Peru.

Light: Full sun to light shade.

Compost. A free draining standard cactus mix.

Water: Regular water in spring to autumn, needs to be kept dry in winter to encourage flowering.

Flower: Flower colour pink to red.

Min temp: Not usually considered frost hardy.

Cultivation: Easy to grow and remains quite a small plant.

Comments: I have this plant as Lobivia wrightiana, many people are not comfortable with the lumping of Lobivia into Echinopsis where its size and low growth habit do not readily fit in.
Lobivia as a name is a re-arrangement of the country name "Bolivia" where most of the genus Lobivia are found.