September 2009 Rebutia pygmaea

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September 2009 Rebutia pygmaea

Post by hob » Wed Mar 17, 2010 10:46 pm

Rebutia pygmaea Britton & Rose 1922


Growth Habits: Small heavily clumping plant,individual stems 2 to 4cm (3\4" to 1 1\2") diam up to 4 cm (1 1\2") tall

Scientific name; Rebutia pygmaea

Common names: Pygmy Rebutia

Synonym: there are at least 60 synonyms for this plant. Most common are Lobivia pygmaea, Mediolobivia pygmaea, Rebutia haagei, Lobivia haagei, Digitorebutia haagei, Mediolobivia haagei, Lobivia atrovirens,Rebutia atrovirens,Mediolobivia pectinata, Mediolobivia haefneriana, Rebutia haefneriana, Rebutia eos, Rebutia diersiana, Rebutia canacruzensis, Rebutia friedrichiana, Rebutia mudanensis, Rebutia colorea, Lobivia atrovirens,Rebutia elegantula, Rebutia knizei, Lobivia pygmaea

Etymology: Rebutia :- Named after the French nurseryman Pierre Rebut.
pygmaea :- Latin meaning pygmy.

Origin: a very widespread species found in Bolivia and Argentina.

Light: Full sun to light shade.

Compost. A free draining standard cactus mix.

Water: Regular water in spring to autumn.

Flower: Flower colour varies all the way from red through orange and yellow to white.

Min temp: Hardy to 17°F (-8°C), for short periods.

Cultivation: Easy to grow and remains quite a small plant.

recommended reading: the cactus file handbook - Rebutia written by John Pilbeam.

the image above is the best I can do as the "type plant" things are so complicated that I could well be wrong.

Pilbeam in his book "the cactus file handbook - Rebutia" lists 21 different "forms" without comment as to being subspecies, forms, ect but refers to CITES referring to the 21 varieties. There could be whole books written on this plant "Rebutia pygmaea" however greater minds than mine have failed to agree on the status of the various plants, so who am I to comment?

I have many of the plants that fall into the remit of "Rebutia Pygmaea" and will attempt to illustrate the species in pictorial form here.

This is by no means a comprehensive list ........
rebutia pygmaea mudanensis WR689
rebutia pygmaea eos RH1121

Rebutia pygmaea diersiana

a plant that came to me named as ex "Fric" a nice orange form of R pygmaea

Rebutia pygmaea haagei RH1094
Rebutia pygmaea haagei FR1113a

rebutia pygmaea iscayachensis FR1122


rebutia pygmaea grandis RH601a


I could continue to illustrate Rebutia pygmaea, but I have the feeling that you begin to get the message, that things are somewhat confused .............just to add to the mix,........genetic information may reveal that the Rebutia complex in which Rebutia pygmaea exists may well fall into the category of mediolobivia, :?

My remit as a contributor does not allow me to comment on the genetic aspirations of individual plants :? I leave it to the I individual reader to draw their own conclusions
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growing rebutia's with a mix of others.