October 2008 Rebutia albiflora

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October 2008 Rebutia albiflora

Post by hob » Wed Oct 15, 2008 8:11 pm

Rebutia albiflora (Buining & Ritter)


Growth Habits: Small heavily clumping plant with fine white hair like spines each head is up to 3\4 inch (2 cm)

Scientific name; Rebutia albiflora

Common names: None that come to mind.

Synonym: Aylostera albiflora

Etymology: Rebutia Named after the French nurseryman Pierre Rebut.
albiflora : albi meaning white flora meaning flower

Origin: Sub tropical Bolivia, in north east Tarija elevation 2300m (7550ft)

Light: Light shade.

Compost. A free draining standard cactus mix.

Water: Regular water in spring to autumn.

Flower: The flower colour is white to pale pink

Min temp: Hardy to 25°F (-4°C), for short periods.

Cultivation: Easy to grow and remains quite a small plant.

Comments: A good plant for beginners as it is not very demanding and takes up little room. As with most Rebutia it requires a cool dry winter rest to get a good show of flowers in the spring/early summer. Over recent years many Rebutia hybrids have been produced, some of which plainly have R albiflora as one of the parents, the one pictured below clearly has the clumping habit and spines of albiflora but a more colourful flower.