Wet vs Dry

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Wet vs Dry

Post by LazyD » Sat Nov 26, 2011 5:47 pm

Are there any cactus that prefer "wetter" conditions? I know that cactus prefer to be on the drier side but there are others that do not mind being in the rain.

For example, I used to keep a selection of cacti on my wondowsill outside, I had a crested Mammilliaria elongata and after a few days out in the rain it rotted and died same thing happened to my Pleiospilos nelii.

So I was just wondering if there are any cactus out there that would not die after being subjected to such conditions.
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Post by luddhus » Sun Nov 27, 2011 5:40 am

Depends on the temperature, air humidity, and growing medium too, but at least Barbados has a very warm climate. Some ideas: Pereskia need lots of water. Most epiphytes like Schlumbergera don't mind being wet as long as the drainage is good. Many Opuntia species (especially humifusa) are worth trying if you don't mind the spines and glochids, maybe Selenicereus too.
I have read that Austrocylindropuntia lagopus/malyana likes wet conditions, but I have never grown it myself. Perhaps the Eriocactus (now under Parodia) could survive? I don't know much about them either, but I think they receive a lot of rain in their habitat. They are often readily avalilable at an affordable price.

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Post by Harriet » Sun Nov 27, 2011 12:57 pm

Epiphyllums, Hylocereus, Rhipsalis, Selicereus, Cryptocereus and plain old Cereus have held up well for me. I think some of the Epis may want more water than I give them. Most any of the cactus that are from Central American jungles are going to do well for you. But any will have to be planted in very fast draining soil!

I have had a P. neli that exploded with rot from what appeared to be the high humidity in Florida (or over watering at the nursery) - I had not watered it. I stopped trying to grow that one! Some plants, like people, just can't adjust to the climate here.
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