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My grafting expierments.

All about grafting. How-to information, progress reports, show of your results.

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My grafting expierments.

Postby martenfisher » Fri May 25, 2012 5:19 am

I did some test to see what grew better by grafting on. Opuntia or pereskiopsis. The rate of speed on the pereskiopsis produced almost adult plants from node tissue with in 2-3 weeks but the Opuntia is not growing that much. Gone from young node tissue to lumps. That is about it. Nodes left on the plant are no longer just young tissue but tiny lumps wich are still not as developed as on the Opuntia.

This is the parent plant. The brown scars are where the surgery happened. This plant was once a tissue graft. This is the growth after I chopped off the main part and planted it in a pot and left these to grow from the base.

On the Opuntia they do OK but not very impressive. Better than if left on the parent.

This is a node same age as on the Opuntia but almost adult size in just a couple weeks. Already making its own side shoots already.

Here the plant on the left is the same exact age as the node being pointed to. The plant on the left is almost the same size as the parent plant in just a couple weeks.

Then the goal is to get this growing in a pot.
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