Good places to get Cactus

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Re: Good places to get Cactus

Post by EAGLE38 » Wed Jun 06, 2012 3:42 am

Iif anyone is in the Northern California valley near Manteca I highly recommend Poots House of Cactus.

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Re: Good places to get Cactus

Post by cactoman » Fri Aug 17, 2012 4:34 am

Miles to Go...Every new box coming in is like waiting for christmas morning...and getting exactly what you asked Santa for :D

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Re: Good places to get Cactus

Post by Daniel » Sat Sep 08, 2012 8:31 pm

hi if your in the EU try this shop, they also have an ebay store which is great for seeds!!" onclick=";return false;

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Re: Good places to get Cactus

Post by C And D » Sun Nov 04, 2012 2:13 am

I finally got around to posting on this thread, many people from Cacti-guide are familar with us.
We sell specialty cactus and succulents for the collector by mail order and at Cactus Shows.
Me and my wife have a small nursery in our back yard and have been in business for 10 years as "C and D Plants".

We sell mostly small uncommon plants, like Mexican cactus, Neoporterias, Sulcorebutias, mesembs, Adromischus and Haworthias
But a little bit of everything as well.

Check out our website, which is mostly lists of sales plants and some photos.
We are located in Costa Mesa, California
Visitors are welcome by appointment.

See my threads were I have posted 100s of photos over the years:
"Welcome Craig Fry" in the Members Topics
"C and D Succulents" in the General-Succulent Category

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Any cacti shop in Atlanta?

Post by benji » Thu Nov 22, 2012 4:19 pm

i have a friend going to atlanta, I was wondering if someone knows a good reliable place in atlanta to shop online some cacti, and they will send them through mail to an address in Atlanta?

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Re: Good places to get Cactus

Post by peterb » Tue Nov 27, 2012 4:00 pm

Forget now if anyone has used this seed purveyor, Aymeric de Barmon. Lots of great stuff, including a lot of overlap with Mesa Garden. ... -11-20.pdf" onclick=";return false;

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Re: Good places to get Cactus

Post by Pilif » Wed Nov 28, 2012 4:05 pm

Aymeric De Barmon is probably my favorite supplier. He has a nice selction, a lot of rare stuff and the seed quality is allways excellent. I highly reccommend him!

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Re: Good places to get Cactus

Post by dpf » Mon Dec 10, 2012 4:36 pm

How about ebay, be gentle with me I'm new to this forum. I however have gotten a lot of nice, and hardy for me, cactus from 'Cactus by Lynn'

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Re: Good places to get Cactus

Post by Minime8484 » Mon Dec 10, 2012 4:48 pm

Just recently came across Sacred Succulents out of CA (" onclick=";return false;) - lots of wonderful cacti & succulents here, most from seed collected by the owners and grown with care. Great info and often locality data associated with the plants. Highly recommended!

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Re: Good places to get Cactus

Post by Saxicola » Sun Dec 16, 2012 6:28 pm


Funny you mention them. Just the other day I was looking for a source for Xerophyta and that was the only place in the US I could find. I'd never heard of them until then. I'll probably place an order.

As for chingngly, I suspect we have a spammer in our midst, although I don't see any spam link yet!
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Re: Good places to get Cactus

Post by lonediver » Wed Dec 19, 2012 4:15 pm

I am looking for sources in the U.S. that stock/sell pad (opuntia's) cactus by the pad such as cold hardy cactus in Colo. or Interstate cactus out of Utah. Places that would have a large selection such as the two preceeding and sell by the pad as the other two .

Thanks for any suggestions .

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Re: Good places to get Cactus

Post by hoteidoc » Wed Dec 19, 2012 11:41 pm

LoneDiver - I've used Kelly/ColdHardy for past 2 yrs. That's how they sell -- by the pad. Some people think a little expensive, but quality & wide range of cold-hardy's. Then there's your eventual network of cactus buddies....
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Re: Good places to get Cactus

Post by DaveW » Sat Jan 05, 2013 1:48 pm

The main problem with EBAY is that people pay stupid prices for plants they can often get cheaper through regular cactus and succulent dealers. The seller only needs to put "rare" on something many of us would regard as fairly obtainable to often start a bidding frenzy. Still I suppose if people are stupid enough to pay such high prices they are asking for somebody to take their money.

I would suggest before any beginners pay stupid prices for plants they check out Cactus Mall's nursery list, many of which are online, for average prices for what they are after. They list nurseries from around the world, but even their list does not cover all therefore Google the Web too for cactus nurseries and seeds men." onclick=";return false;

Also for those in the EU remember plants can be sent quite easily from one EU country to another by post, the only thing to watch is the cost of postage which may be OK on a larger order but can sometimes exceed the cost of the plant if you only order one. Many previously hard to obtain plants can now be obtained within the EU from E. European nurseries on the list, so don't restrict yourself to your own countries nurseries if the prices and postage costs are favourable.

Also if buying seeds check out the seed suppliers since seeds can move more easily internationally than plants." onclick=";return false;

Malej Jarda also has some seed not normally available elsewhere with locality data and a few plants in season from them." onclick=";return false;

There are little black boxes for currency and language conversion top right on their web page. I believe like many suppliers these days they take PayPal too which makes currency conversion so much easier and cheaper.

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Re: Good places to get Cactus

Post by Robb » Sun Jan 06, 2013 1:57 am

new zealand unfortunatly has a very few RARE cacti. I use "TradeMe" to buy some of my more unsusal types.
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Re: Good places to get Cactus

Post by Steve Johnson » Fri Jan 25, 2013 6:06 pm

I'll give a shout-out to CoronaCactus nursery. Darryl has a great selection, reasonable prices, and his bare-root cacti are always pristine top-to-bottom. It's also a major plus to actually see the plants he carries on his website (same as Mile to Go, which is also a wonderful place for cacti). If you haven't checked out CoronaCactus before, here's the link:" onclick=";return false;

Although I have Darryl ship cacti to me, Corona is not terribly far away, so I may go out there sometime and visit his nursery just to see what his setup looks like.
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